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8 Ways To Recycle Those After-Party Beers

4. Empties Directional Spot Lights

These things would be a great addition to any modern space in the house or bar. Not only are you recycling, you’re doing it in style. Definitely a solid way to re-purpose these cans.

3. Bottle Cap Bar

You want to talk about needing a lot of empties? Doing some quick math and rough guestimations (I lost count towards the end of the top row), the one large wall on the front there would take approx 3150 bottle caps. Yeah, quite a bit for sure.

2. Mini-Keg Light Pendants

These mini-keg light pendants are awesome. Practical design, looks great. What’s not to love here?

1. Beer Barrel Bed

I guess if you had a really wild party, you might be able to grab a full barrel of beer and get yourself ready for the recovery! What better way to recover than by fashioning quite an impressive sleeping area out of the very thing that put you in that position?


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