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8 Ways To Recycle Those After-Party Beers

8. Empty Bottle Planter

You’ll need quite a bit of empties, but all the more reason to party-hardy the night before!

7. Keg and Bottle Cap End Table

You’ll need a hefty amount of drinkers to help accomplish this from one night, but its do-able. You just may not be in the right mindset to do it the next morning. Maybe wait a couple days!

6. Decorative Bottle Cap Letters

Have a few empties laying around and looking to jazz up your bar area a little bit? These decorative bottle cap letters are a good way to do both those things! Whether it be for a bar, a man-cave, or just for around the house, these things are sure to add a level of style you’re sure to love.

5. Bottle Cap Flippy Floppies

Not sure how comfortable these would be, but let’s be real, probably not at all. But they sure will look good at your next patio or beach party! I like that they used the same caps, but it kind of bugs me that they made them identical and not mirrored. Poor craftsmanship if you ask me. Don’t make the same mistake!


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