8 Times The People Of Walmart Did Not Disappoint

4. That’s All Folks! (Close Enough)

The terrible spelling aside… does this person get paid for writing like this?

Size, spacing, slant. It’s all off!

3. When All The Weaves Look Dope AF

“I like this one, but these other two look good. Imma just wear all three! Let’s hit the Wally World!”

2. Who Wears Short Shorts…And Ladies Panties???

This is a dude, right? Did he borrow some girls shorts and decide its time to get his own undies too?

1. Why Spend All That Money On The Surgery? Paper, Marker, and Tape. Man, I Feel Like A “Woman.”

You COULDĀ put a whole bunch of money into becoming a “woman,” or you could just tell them you’re one.

You think on the front he has a sign that says “Call me Miss”?


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