8 Times The People Of Walmart Did Not Disappoint

There was a moment in history when some of these things would surprise me and everyone close enough to see it… Then the internet came along. This kind of stuff is so common now, it would be insane if you didn’t see it when you left the house.

Wanna see some wild stuff? Head to Walmart! And the people of Walmart do not disappoint!


8. Do I Make You Horny Baby?

“Excuse me, but what are you looking at? It’s laundry day.”

7. I Almost Feel Like I Should Be Censoring This…

I’m not sure if back boobs need censorship, but if there were ever a time, it would be now.

6. Let This Be A Message To All Pedestrians…

Looks like someone was having a bad day. They probably still went to Walmart.

“The damage is done, let’s go get the bread!”

5. Remember The Episode When The Smurfs Visit Walmart?!

This could have been an epic trip to Walmart if Gargamel picked the same day to do some shopping.


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