8 Things You Didn’t Know The Name For

Ever see something, and either not know the name of it, or not even consider for a second that it has a name at all? We’re willing to bet that the majority of these fall into those categories for you! Here’s 8 things you didn’t know the name for.

8. Tragus

This is becoming a more well known piece of the ear thanks to how popular it is to pierce it. On the other hand, for those of us without this piercing, this thing has been nameless for a while! The tragus is that little piece sticking out of the front side of your ear.

7. Aglet

The aglet is the metal or plastic tube at the end of your shoelace, essentially holding everything tightly together! Ah the aglet, where would we be without you?

6. Ferrule

A ferrule is a ring or a cap used to strengthen the end of a stick and prevents wear, or to form a joint. A ferrule has many practical uses, but this is one you may have never realized! That little piece connecting the pencil to the eraser. I present to you, the ferrule.

5. Glabella

The glabella is that nice smooth part between your eyebrows. Unless of course you consider the unibrow, then it’s that bushy forest-like area between your regular eyebrow areas!


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