8 Recipes We’re Sure They Tried Their Best On

We’ve all tried to follow a recipe at some point in our lives, though sometimes it works out better than others! You may have had some success in the past, but these examples definitely didn’t nail it. Check out these 8 recipes we’re sure they tried their best on!

8. Fail Level: Christmas

This is one way to ruin that office Christmas party.

7. Who likes cookie bowls anyway?

The way to really spice up that party is with this complicated cookie crumble recipe!

6. Something about those spikes, it’s not so scary!

Perhaps it has something to do with that receding gum line? Colgate has a treatment for that!

5. Aww, these ducky look so cute! Give it a try!

Oh God why?! These duck look like they’ve been put in a furnace for just enough time to still be recognized as ducks.


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