8 Of The Most Difficult Video Game Bosses

This is in no particular order, just a bunch of difficult bosses most gamers can relate to!

8. Elite 4 – Pokemon

The Elite 4 isn’t necessarily a boss, but a collection of difficult assholes trying to prevent you from finishing your childhood. They definitely didn’t make your journey to catch ’em all any easier.

7. Hitler – Wolfenstein 3D

There’s something so satisfying about finally completing this game and killing Hitler. But damn, it wasn’t easy! If you haven’t check it out yet, you have to try Wolfenstein The New Order where they sneak in the retro style gaming with this boss, but HD first person graphics. It’s a blast!


6. King K. Rool – Donkey Kong 64

Not the only boxer on this list, but definitely right up there with most difficult boxing matches ever. The final boss of Donkey Kong 64 was a great way to finish a great game. Most boxers leave the gloves on during the fight, but not this guy! And most boxers leave the staging lights hooked up, but not us.


5. Lou the Devil – Guitar Hero III

As cool as it was playing ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ it was very, very, very difficult in the battle against Lou. Unless you were some sort of hammer-on God, it was damn near impossible.


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