8 Cringe-Worthy Magazine Photoshop Fails

Photoshop is a thing of beauty. It can make people look amazing, make places look terrifying, and in some cases, it can make magazines look like they don’t have anyone proofing these things. Check out these 8 cringe-worthy magazine Photoshop fails.

8. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if breasts these days are fake or real

Not these ones. These ones do not fall under that category.

7. Their job is to “investigate the unusual, the strange and the extraterrestrial.”

Investigate what the hell is happening with those hands!

6. Normally a really insensitive question buuuuuut, where’d your leg go?

Googled ‘Veronica Kay’ just to make sure that it wasn’t actually insensitive!

5. Did this guy know what he was posing for?

“Yeah just hold your arms apart. No, don’t worry. We’ll take care of the rest!”



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