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8 Myths About Gamers And Gaming

There are plenty of things to be said about gamers and gaming, though most of the stuff you hear just simply isn’t true. The next time you hear these generalizations, stand proud and let ’em know what the facts are! Here’s 8 common myths about gamers and gaming.

8. Gaming makes you antisocial

Well that’s not true. This is in fact a stereotype from way back when most gamers sat around playing single player games. Fact is, in 2013 research found that 61% of people were playing with friends in person or online. Now, that was in 2013, and I imagine that number has only grown at this point. Your average gamer is probably interacting with others more than your average non-gamer. They’re just more selective of who they interact with!

7. Gamers are fat and lazy

A lot of people are fat and lazy these days, that’s just how it is. The act of gaming does not promote being fat or lazy, and in fact a lot of games are trying to incorporate more movement into the the experience. If you look at what happened when the Wii came along, same with PlayStation Move and the Xbox Kinect, a lot has changed in the past few years making gaming a more active experience. With VR out now, this incorporates some movement, and we can only assume there is plenty more on the way!

6. Gaming is for guys

This is true. It’s also true that gaming is for girls. See, gaming isn’t just for guys, it’s for everyone! As we figured out earlier in this list, gaming has become quite the social experience, and it incorporates people from all walks of life. The generalization that gaming is only for guys is quite crazy. As of 2016, it was believed that females made up approximately 50% of gamers, splitting it essentially down the middle. So guys, when you see a girl online, chill out. There’s no need to go all pervy. They’re literally everywhere!

5. Gaming is for kids

Gaming is for kids? This has to be a joke. When people state that gaming promotes violence, or it’s corrupting their children, those are the games that are not for kids. Taking a look at the games on the market these days, it’s safe to say the majority of games, especially those advertised in the mainstream, are not marketed towards children. Far from it. But it stands true that a lot of games are still geared towards children, and certainly goes to show that gamers come in all shapes and sizes. Gamers can be big or small, fat or skinny, boys or girls, men or women, and so on and so forth and everything in between. So when people say gaming is for kids, just smile and nod, then sit back, turn on GTA V, and rob some banks after killing some hookers.


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