8 Interesting Facts About Procrastination

4. Procrastination allows you to do things you only enjoy doing.

By definition, this is true. You are putting off things you find less desirable, for things you would rather be doing at that time. Up until right now, all the points seem so negative,but every cloud has a silver lining.

3. Sometimes procrastination can be deemed as ‘helpful.’ 

It’s seen as being the minds way of telling you to stop. It’s believed that during intense moments of study or number-crunching your mind may wander. Sometimes it’s best to let it. This is your mind taking a “break”. Give it a break, let it wander a bit.

2. Procrastinators have been known to lie to themselves.

Let’s be honest, we’re convinced that under pressure we’ll do just as well, if not better, than if we get a headstart on something. Truth is, when push comes to shove, we’ll end up putting it off just one more day until it’s too late. Like we said above, be smart about your procrastination, don’t let it affect your job or relationships, and certainly not your health. There’s a time to buckle down, and there’s a time to let your mind wander. You decide what time it is.

1. Psychologists believe there are multiple reasons for procrastination.

It’s been broke down into three categories:

The Avoiders – People who don’t want to be judged, so they avoid the situation altogether.

The Thrill Seekers – I guess for some it’s a rush being rushed!

The Decisional Procrastinators – Terrible at making decisions and won’t take responsibility for the outcome since whatever the decision, it technically wasn’t their idea.

Whatever your reason, welcome to ProcrastIn8! 


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