8 Creatures Of The Sea You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

4. Sea Cucumber

Alright, so it’s pretty obvious where the ones name may come from, but interestingly enough they aren’t always green. The colour of the Sea Cucumber depends on the species of Sea Cucumber. You can actually find them in red, black, blue, green, or brown. The most interesting thing about this, is a technique they have when faced with danger. The Sea Cucumber has the ability to expel its internal organs along with toxic substance towards the predator and regenerate all missing organs within 1.5 – 5 weeks. Can you imagine you had that ability? And what would it feel like while it regenerates? Odd.

3. Goblin Shark

The Goblin Shark is a rare species of deep-sea shark whose lineage goes back 125 million years. Usually these guys grow 3 – 4 meters (10 – 13 feet) long, though that is certainly not the max as they can grow considerably larger as well. The Goblin Shark lives at depths greater than 100 meters (330 feet), with adults found deeper than juveniles. Although most sharks are terrifying, look at the one. This is absolutely something everyone should hope they never come in contact with. At those depths though, I’m sure most of us never will.

2. Red Lipped Batfish

So before we get into the facts about this thing, the red lips and the white beard, it just looks a bit like an old cross dresser really. But really though, there’s quite a bit of interesting information about this one. The Red Lipped Batfishs pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins are modified in such a way that it can rest on the sea floor on them. Sometimes when it moves on its pectoral and pelvic fins it looks like it’s walking. It also has a modified dorsal fin that resembles the lures of the closely related angler fishes. Pretty cool looking creature, but you wont be able to get a good look at it unless you’re going deeper than 30 meters (100 feet), and even then they’re not that common.

1. Warty Frogfish

These Warty Frogfish are quite interesting looking. The one below is actually quite pretty, but believe me, it doesn’t take long to find some terrifying or hideous examples. These can grow up to 15 cm (5.9 inches) long. It’s skin is covered in these wart-like protuberances, hence the name. It may not look it, but the Warty Frogfish has a large mouth allowing it to consume prey the same size as it. Also, when it comes to how pretty these things may or may not be, it has a lot to do with where you encounter it. Some have more wart than others, and the color is largely determined to match its living environment.


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