8 Crazy Japanese Game Shows

4. Human Bowling

This game is pretty self explanatory, and looks extremely fun! There’s been different versions which have made their way out of Japan involving a bubble and running to the pins, but this seems so original! It’s like tubing, but with an objective. Knock down more pins!

3. Spread Your Legs

In this bizarre game show, the girls face off against each other in teams of two. One girl is strapped to this ‘splits-machine’ while the other spins a wheel. Depending on the number the wheel lands on, that’s how many cranks this splits-machine gets, making the first girl split wider and wider. The two teams go back and forth, I’d assume, until one girl can’t go any further. Now this is all just how it looks, you have to watch for yourself. It is insane!

2. Strip the Girl

In ‘Strip The Girl’, two teams of a bunch of guys face-off throwing balls at these numbers while running up a steep and slippery hill with a pool of some sort of black liquid at the bottom while they are tethered being pulled backwards into to. All this, to unveil what’s behind the numbers. A model in a bikini that gradually takes off the top and bottom on her swimsuit as she sees fit. It’s definitely a strange show, and it baffles me how they came up with games like these.

1. Breasts Up Pants Down

Breasts up, pants down. Pretty much says it all. From what I’ve watched of this, and it wasn’t much, two girls stand there, one drops the others pants, and the now pants-dropped girl needs to wiggle around to get the pants back up. There’s a catch though. The girl whose pants are now dropped must raise her pants without exposing her breasts which just happen to be popping out of her shirt and being held in her hands. This is a very weird one and I’m not sure if there may be more to it. But hey, this is what it looks like!


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