8 Crazy Japanese Game Shows

If you haven’t had a chance to watch any Japanese Game Shows yet, you’re missing out! They are some of the wildest and craziest things you could imagine. They range from super fun, to oddly sexual in nature. Some have actually made their way into our culture, but I’m going to assume that more than a few of them never will…

You be the judge. Enjoy these 8 crazy Japanese Game Shows!

8. Candy or Not Candy

Definitely one of the stranger games I think I would enjoy playing, at least from a brief look at it. Ultimately, what it looks like, is you’re presented with an item, and you need to guess whether it is the real item, or a candied version of said item. In the picture below, it’s followed by him taking a giant bite out of that door handle. Good for you buddy, the candy handle is all yours!

7. Human Tetris

Human Tetris is one of the games that actually made it out of Japan, and that’s no surprise. This looks like it would be a blast! Watching everyone else do so terribly at it, I can only assume I’d be just as bad, if not worse. But there’s no way this would be anything but fun.

6. Kiss My Ass

This was a tough game to figure out, and it’s one of those games that will never make its way out of Japan I’m sure. From what I’ve seen, two guys face off against each other, kissing these mystery asses, and I’m still unsure as to whether or not they needed to leave hickies behind. After some time, the cover is lifted, and the studio audience can see the people behind the butt cheeks. On one said, a lady, and on the other side, a guy. They don’t stop the contestants however, they let them continue for a bit longer before unveiling who was kissing some guys ass, and who, I assume, won the game. Come on, you ready to take the chance?

5. AKBingo!

AKBingo! is a magical show. It’s a game of dodgeball with a punishment associated with it. When you get hit out, you’re not only out, it’s also time for your punishment! The punishments are a little crazy and range from spicy food to something called ‘Eien Pressure’ which seems to be going face-to-face with a terrifying animal, and so much more! I remember watching a bit, having a laugh, and planning on turning it off. That does not happen. Once you start, you’ll want to finish. It’s like a really strange Fear Factor.


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