8 Crazy Amazon Items

People look to purchase some pretty crazy things some times, and Amazon has become a hot-spot for some of the craziest things you can find! Here are 8 of those crazy items you’ll likely only find on Amazon!

8. “Asia Old Man Peel and Stick Wall Decal”

You’re telling me that for only $27.98 and free shipping, I can have my very own old Asian man on my wall?

7. “Senior Woman with Asthma Inhaler Peel and Stick Wall Decal”

Old Asian man on your wall not your style? Why not get an old White woman with a breathing problem for the same price?

6. “Golden Willie Award, 4.5 Inch”

A 4.5 inch willie can hardly be considered a “prize,” so when do you give this to someone?

5. “Elephant Camouflage Kit”

People wanting to talk about the elephant in the room? Not anymore! For just over $1 million you can hide the herd with this elephant camouflage kit. What a deal!


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