8 Cheat Codes Most Gamers Will Remember

4. Metroid

Bikini Samus

By entering Justin Bailey, you start the game in Samus’ provocative leotard or bathing suit. This was it as a kid, what everyone went wild over thanks to a Nintendo Power magazine that published the code. There is much speculation over where the name comes from, starting from potentially being part of the games creators, but no such name can be found anywhere. Others find the association with the fact that bathing suits go by or went by the name baillies, and this is Samus, ‘JustIn Bailey’, or Just In (a) Bailey. Whatever the reason, whatever the history, this cheat code is perfect.

3. Doom

God Mode

In Doom, you never had to enter a “Cheat Mode” or a specific screen, you simply just start typing. Doom had a number of pretty awesome cheats, but one in particular was used more than any other – God Mode. By entering IDDQD. God Mode does exactly what you think it should. It brings the players health back to 100% and makes you immune to any damage moving forward. Sure, a little cheap, but that’s the point! Now get out there and kick some ass.

2. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!

Straight to Tyson Fight

Tired of losing every fight and want to just go right to the end? Easy! Enter in the password ‘007 373 5963’ and go directly to the last fight against the man, Mike Tyson, himself. Be careful though, if you can’t make it to him on your own, chances are you’re not going to stand much of a chance against him. Good luck!

1. Contra (and many other Konami video games)

Konami Code

Who really didn’t think this was going to be on the list? (Obviously dummy, its the image for the post!) This has to be the most well known code to ever exist. It’s been used in a number of Konami and even non-Konami games. The code has been used as a reference in pop culture, and has made its way into the new generation of consoles as well. It’s appeared in television and there have even been songs referencing this code. This code it one everyone should know/remember and I really don’t think it’s going anywhere. Normally, during the title screen before the game itself begins, the player can press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start to enable to cheat. More recently, the Bank of Canada has set up the code in their website to promote the new $10 Bill. If you go to this site and enter the code, the national anthem starts playing and the new $10 Bills start falling from the sky.


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