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8 Bizarre Fears You May Face Daily

Whether it be rational or irrational, fear is something we all face on a regular basis. It’s in our nature to be afraid of things, but sometimes people find their fears in strange places. Take a look at these bizarre fears.

8. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

The fear of long words

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – Suprisingly, not much exists on Wikipedia in regards to this phobia, but there is certainly a lot of information about it elsewhere!

What type of sicko named this one?! Remember in school when everyone takes turns reading, and you try to quickly do the math in your head and figure out which paragraph will be yours, just to make sure you can pronounce all the words? Then your teacher flips the script and gives you someone else’s paragraph? We’ve all experienced it at one point or another. Might not be exactly what it’s referring to, but it’s something!

7. Ephebiphobia

The fear of youth

Ephebiphobia is the fear of youth. First coined as the “fear or loathing of teenagers,” today the phenomenon is recognized as the “inaccurate, exaggerated and sensational characterization of young people” in a range of settings around the world. Studies of the fear of youth occur in sociology and youth studies.”

The worst part is that this phobia could potentially develop at any time. You could be a youth, with a fear of youth, and no way of feeling any better about it. But this is an interesting phobia with quite a bit of history behind it, and definitely worth a look at if you get the chance!

6. Globophobia

The fear of balloons

Globophobia is a fear of balloons. In some cases, the fear is of balloons in general, while in others the object of fear is the sound produced when balloons pop.”

Okay, maybe this is more an example of the very common (and justified!!!) fear of clowns, coulrophobia. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this were part of the origins of globophobia.

5. Phobophobia

The fear of fear

Phobophobia is the fear of phobia(s) and, more specifically, of the internal sensations associated with that phobia and anxiety, which binds it closely to other anxiety disorders, especially with generalized anxiety disorders (free floating fears) and panic attacks.”

I’m not 100% sure how this works, but it may be that you’re in a constant state of fear. Or perhaps it’s an on-going concern of having phobias, making you extra-cautious. Whatever the feeling actually is, be glad if it’s not something you experience! I couldn’t imagine….


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