8 Back To School Items You May Or May Not Want To Get

Back to school is always a difficult time to deal with, that’s why some of these items may be absolutely fitting to help lighten the mood a little bit! We’re not sure if we’d consider them all “back to school” per se, but someone considered them as such, so they’ve earned their spot on this list! Check out these 8 back to school items you may or may not want to get!

8. A shirt has never fit so perfectly before

Wear it with pride young sir or madam. You’ve earned it!

7. Some tests in school are easier to get the answers to

Cheat sheet: Wrap it up!

6. This looks surprisingly delicious

Try to make sure you don’t soak your school supplies in hot sauce or anything though. Or do, its your call.

5. These naughty crayons are perfect for preschoolers!

The kids pick their favorite color without knowing how to read, and the teachers get a healthy dose of uncensored humor.

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