8 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

4. Spartan Knife Block by Missing Digit Woodshop

This just looks so cool, how could you not want it as a center piece in your kitchen?

3. Steam Ship Silicone Steamer by Agile-Shop

Remember those talks about practicality or novelty? This right here is the best of both worlds. It gets the job done all while being quite whimsical.

2. Veggie Slice by Rienar

I’ve needed one of these for a very long time. The cut sizes of my veggies are all over the place, it looks like I’ve been doing it blind folded.

P.S. Don’t cut veggies with a blind fold on.

1. Wide Bag Cap by Copco

This is fantastic! There are ways to fold the bag to keep it sealed without needing a product like this. Problem is, I’ve tried those folds and they aren’t at all easy to do. Not to mention you then have to undo the fold to get at it, and redo it to seal it. This is so nice and simple, definitely something to check out!


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